Heinz Ketchup To Use Advertising Idea Shown In Mad Men Episode

March 15, 2017

© Oxfordsquare | Dreamstime

If the latest Heinz ketchup commercial sounds like the plot of a TV show, you'd be right.  Back in 2013, Mad Men had released its latest episode, featuring an advertising pitch by Don Draper to Heinz ketchup, where the innovating and creative Ad Man manages to sell ketchup without ever showing it, opting to simply show a hamburger, fries and hotdog with the slogan, "Pass the Heinz."

Although Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price never got the Heinz ketchup business on the show, a real advertising was able to land Heinz on the idea, to which the David Agency is giving Mad Men and Don Draper credit!  In the TV show, Draper envisioned his "pass the Heinz" campaign on billboards, TV, radio and magazines in the series set in the 1960s.  Of course, it has been updated to 2017 to include the Internet and social media.  So next time you think of ketchup, think of Don Draper!

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