Heat Your Ham In A Slow Cooker

December 19, 2017

© Devrim Pinar | Dreamstime

Along with all the gifts and decorations is the holiday meal.  One that rivals Thanksgiving with many opting for a ham instead of turkey (or both).  While turkeys need to be fully cooked, most hams only need to be reheated and while you could sneak it into the oven with the turkey the ham tends to come out overly dry.  So instead, stick that ham into your slow cooker!  Ahh yes, the crock pot to the rescue!  Stick your fully cooked 8lb to 10lb ham in the slow cooker and set it to LOW.  Allow it to warm up 4 to 5 hours beforehand, basting with glaze.  The slow heat will mean a more tender ham that isn't dried out!

SOURCE: Kitchn

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