Healthy Gummy Bears To Cleanse Your Body?

April 27, 2017

© Mitrandir | Dreamstime

Healthy gummy bears, if ever there was an oxymoron that would be near the top.  It makes you wonder when you see an ad for a seven day gummy bear cleanse if someone is on a sugar high!  That's is the marketing angle for green gummy bears and believe it or not, they are a bit healthier than your standard gummy bear.  Green Juice Gummy Bears are both sugar and gluten free and made with a mixture of spinach, lemon, apple and ginger concentrate designed to "cleanse" your body.  That was its promise when “Green Juice” gummy bears were announced early last year and scheduled to be released on April 1st.  However customer's dreams were dashed when they realized it was an April fool’s joke from Sugarfina, a luxury candy maker.  But the public's angry-finger response to the company actually got them thinking they might be on to something. Sugarfina got some heathy street cred by teaming up with health brand, Pressed Juicery to create the green gummy bear. Although marketed as a cleanse, remember it is a candy and should be treated as such!  You can buy these green gummy bears at the Sugarfina web site.

SOURCE: Delish

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