Health Benefits Of Extreme Temperature Showers

May 30, 2017

© Lukas Gojda | Dreamstime

You may feel that a bathing is just a normal part of proper hygiene or a wonderful way to unwind and relax but there is growing evidence that your shower can help you burn calories and even boost your immune system. Contrast water therapy has its fans, whereas you shower or bathe in the hottest water you can stand for three to four minutes and when switch to the coldest water you can stand for one minute and repeat for 20 minutes.  The temperature changes causes your blood vessels to expend and contract, creating a ‘pumping’ mechanism, of improved blood flow improves muscle recovery after a hard work out and, according to one study, as cut workers absences from work due to sickness by almost 30%. Other studies has shown the method works in improving you mood and fighting depression. You could even say taking a hot bath is a good way to burn calories.  One study found that participants who soaked in a tub in 104 degree water for an hour burnt an additional 140 calories, the equivalent of a 30 minute walk.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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