Head Lice A Concern When Trying On A Halloween Wig Or Mask

October 11, 2017


Halloween is drawing closer and your kids have already tried on dozens of costumes, wigs and masks.  But you should be cautious of them (and yourself) trying on hoods, wigs and masks as head lice may be lingering in that hood, wig or masks from the dozens of other people who have tried.  But you can take some steps to keep the pests from setting up home in your kid's hair, especially if you are shopping a thrift or second-hand store.  Avoid placing anything item on your head is the safest bet but let's be honest, it's a hard sell.  One suggestion is to place a swimming cap on your head for protection.  And after the sale to ensure head lice is not going to be a concern, seal any wig or mask in a plastic bag for 48 hours to suffocating any potential lice or throwing them in a dryer on high for 45 minutes. But be careful as some costume items are not recommended to use in the dryer. 

SOURCE: Jezebel

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