Having Children Causes More Fights With In-Laws

August 10, 2017

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Having kids is a lifetime commitment and quite an adjustment for first-time parents.  But those bundles of joy that bring you so much happiness to you and your spouse apparently is causing misery for your parents and especially your in-laws. A new study in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science reports that having kids is associating with fighting more with your family, both your own and your in-laws. While childless couples tend to have disagreements with your parents, couples with children are more likely to report fighting with their in-laws, too. It's what scientists call “kinship penalty.” When a couple has children, the in-laws will always have a connection to your significant other, even if your marriage ends in divorce, where not having a child means you no longer have to see that scumbag again.  The fighting seems to be more intense when the grandparents take care of their grandchild or children.  Knowing this may give you the upper hand in controlling these outbursts of anger and have a third party tend to your child.  Just remember that in any case, children learn from their parents and grandparents, so perhaps it's best for all parties involved if we all just get along!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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