Hatchimals Are The Hot And Hard To Find Toy For 2016

December 8, 2016

© Robyn Mackenzie | Dreamstime

It appears we have a champion for the hottest Christmas toy and if you can find one, you'd better buy it.  They're called Hatchimals, cuddly creatures that hatch from eggs and learn to walk and talk.  The excitement of never knowing which one of 5 creates you'll get. The egg, which takes upwards of 30 minutes to hatch has been a headache to find as even the company that produces them, Spin Master, says they were taken off guard.  They through the inventory was plenty but surprisingly were mistaken.  Parents are waiting hours in line to find one, third parties are re-selling them online for triple the retail price of $59.99 price and getting them and many stores have long waiting lists.  The company has set up email alerts to let customer know when shipments arrive in our area and what store is getting them. The company has ramped up production but the reinforcements won't be available until January. Until then, a special Hatchimals owners certificate is available for Christmas morning, which can be redeemed once an adequate supply of Hatchimals arrive.


Source: New York Times

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