Hang On To That Empty Prepaid Debit Card

January 3, 2018

© Zentilia Dreamstime

Perhaps your stocking was stuffed with a prepaid debit card over the holidays.  While your instinct is to ditch the card once all the money has been spent, you might want to hang on to one of them.   On the practical side, if you end up getting a refund on a return item purchased with the prepaid debit card, it may go directly onto the card before you have a chance to ask the merchant to process things otherwise. If the card is gone, so is your refund. On the thrifty side, you can use that empty card as a dummy card for signing up for free trials. Lots of free trials automatically kick in with a monthly or annual charge once your try-out is over.  A failsafe to make sure you don't automatically sign up for the Jelly of the Month club after the free trial!

SOURCE: LIfehacker

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