A Hamster Stores A Magnet In Its Cheek And Gets Stuck To Its Cage

July 7, 2017

© Low Fai Ming | Dreamstime

Hamsters are cute animals and like their rodent cousins squirrels, they're able to store food in large pockets inside their cheeks. A vet student named Kat says that a little girl had brought her pet hamster in to for an examination.  Apparently the little girl was very concerned for the health of her pet because over the last three days, it did nothing but sit on the side of its cage motionless; not eating or drinking.  After removing it from the cage, Kat noticed the hamster seemed to act fine and moved around normally.  Then the vet student noticed something in the hamster's cheek.  To everyone's surprise, the hamster had been hiding a refrigerator magnet in its cheek pocket.  Apparently the hamster had gotten out of its cage and they found it underneath the fridge three days ago.  So the hamster wasn't just hanging out by the side of its cage, the magnet had kept the hamster pinned to the side.  After removing it, the hamster moved freely around its cage. The encounter was shared on Twitter earlier this week.

SOURCE: Mashable

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