Hairdo Don'ts To Turn Back the Hands of Time

May 23, 2017

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Beauty trends push us to look at plastic surgery, Botox, crèmes and treatment to turn back the hands of time.  But not much though does into your hair style.  While you may feel comfortable with your hairdo, it could be an easy, quick and relatively cheap way to look younger. A group of hair stylist came together to point out a list of hair-don'ts.  #1-long hair.  While length is luscious, too much length crosses over to crazy-cat lady. According to one stylist, if your hair hangs below your ribs, it's too long.  Rock the long hair look but remember to avoid shorter in the front for longer locks in the back, which looks dated. Speaking of length, #2-Your hair should flatter you face type.  As our hair thins with age, going shorter is definitely an option to consider.  Just make sure your haircut has layers and depth as the same length all over can make you look much older than you are. Make sure you own the cut as self-confidence is definitely a plus. If you are clinging on to your hairstyle from 1992, its time to update the “do.”  Let's face it, your hair isn't what it was 25 years ago.  Finally, #3-If you are seeking color treatment, remember that having too dark a color can add time to your face.  Stylist suggest you go for a color that works with your skin tone. No matter your hair color, if you go up a shade or two with proper highlight, it will give the appearance of looking more youthful.

SOURCE: The List (slideshow)

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