Hair Treatment That Changes Color When Your Hair Gets Hot Or Cold

February 22, 2017

© Alexoakenman | Dreamstime

Make a point to set an appointment with your hair stylist and get ready to embrace hair color that changes color based on temperature. Lauren Bowker, founder of TheUnseen hair salon in London has created a safe process of hair dye using thermochromic ink.  In short, the molecules on the dye reflect different colors of lights base on the temperature surrounding it.  So your hair color will transform from black in colder temperatures to red in warmer settings and the3n back when it gets cold. There’s also a black to white version, silver to powder blue, blue to white, and black to yellow. A semi-permanent fix, it lasts over a few washes, and acts exactly as any other hair dye in terms of not ruining your hair. For now, you have to visit the Unseen salon to get this color-changing hairdo but Bowker is entertaining offers from companies to launch her new color-changing hair dye worldwide by the end of the year.

SOURCE: Forbes

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