Habits Those Without Stress Employ

September 5, 2017

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You are stressed out but your friend never seems to crack a sweat!  How does that happen?  Balancing your life is one of the more challenging goals of your life but most likely your friend who never seems stressed is indeed stressed but handles it differently.  Here are some tips they may be employing in their life of Zen.  Sleep.  While you could be doing ten other things by staying awake for another hour, not getting enough sleep can make you even more stressed out. Even just an extra 60 to 90 minutes of sleep can make difference on your levels of calm and contentment. Spend Plenty Of Time With Friends. Connecting with your friends and loved ones can be a huge stress-buster with recent studies concluding that friends and family can reduce situational stress, as well as the feeling of having to bear your burdens on your own. Don't be a workaholic.  Turn off your work email updates from your phone when you are off the clock. Work out.  As we found out earlier this morning, even walking 20-30 minutes a day can release endorphins and calm your nerves. Finally, read.  A recent report found that just six minutes of pleasure reading daily can reduce stress levels.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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