Gym Bans News Channels As Political Talk Gets Out Of Hand

March 7, 2017

© Gennady Kurinov Dreamstime

Its simplicity is nothing short of genius.  Politics have never so divided a country as our current state, wither you approve or disapprove about President Trump, there's one thing we can agree on is that our opinion is strong.  One Pennsylvania YMCA knows of this first-hand.  As with most gyms, TV are available for those working out and many of those channels are news outlets.  The management of the Greater Scranton YMCA noticed that people were loudly disagreeing and nearly fighting physically about news stories from various news channels.  So they did the most grown-up thing possible, switched the channel.  In fact, the Y adopted a new policy of banning all new channels such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC to keep the peace.   So far the ban has been welcomed by many members who had felt the situation of boisterous conversation about politics had gotten out of hand.

SOURCE: Times-Leader

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