Guy Gives Friend His Pants To Take College Exam

September 30, 2016

© Diego Vito Cervo | Dreamstime

If there's an award for the best friend in the world, 18 year old Andrew Nguyen would certainly be in the running. Wednesday, he and his friend Diana Le were both studying the University of Texas at Arlington library.  While Andrew was studying for his next class, Diana was cramming for an exam she had later in the day.  However time flies when you are studying for a test. Suddenly Diana realizes it as time to go take the exam.  But there was a serious problem, the lab where the exam was being held has a strict dress code of pants and closed-toe shoes as a safety precaution.  Diana was wearing a pair of booty shorts and realized she had not brought a pair of pants to change in to before the exam.  She asks other women in the library if they had a spare pair of pants. They didn't. That's where Andrew stepped up for his friend and offered for her to wear his sweatpants and he'd wear her booty shorts until she completed her exam.  So for 50 minutes, Andrew hung out in the library bathroom, sitting on the toilet wearing his friend's booty shorts, sharing one picture of him wearing the green shorts on Twitter.  The gesture of friendship took off with his tweet being shared more than half a million times with hundreds of comments admiring his kindness. “I thought if I’m doing a good deed for my friend I may as well get a few laughs out of it and then bam, it blew up,” Andrew said.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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