Guide To Cleaning Your House

August 1, 2016

Over the weekend, you probably took some time to tidy up the house or even go all out for the deep clean. Some argue our compulsive cleaning has led to oversensitive allergies and an immune system lacking anything to do.  But living in filth is no way to go through life.  So Good Housekeeping has created a comprehensive guide detailing exactly when you should clean everything in your house, and some of them might surprise you. According to the experts, you should be making your bed and cleaning your dirty dishes every day, wipe down kitchen surfaces and tables, sweep your floors and do your laundry. What is surprising is some of the other advice, like for example that you should be wiping down bathroom surfaces, using a squeegee on your shower walls and sanitizing your bathroom and kitchen sinks every day. Weekly: mop kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuum floors and furniture, clean out ridge and clean microwave. Monthly you should be dusting and cleaning light fixtures, dust blinds and clean dishwasher, vacuum and washing machine. 6 months are more big time cleaning chores like cleaning out the oven, wash pillow & comforter. Yearly clean carpet and upholstery, dry-clean curtains and clear out gutters.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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