Guests Faux Pas To Avoid At A Wedding

May 7, 2018

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Wedding bells will be ringing for many couple this summer and you may be witness of one of two of them.  While it is truly a magical day to watch two people become one, there are some bad habits wedding guests can do to distract from the star attraction.  Surveys of recently married couple gives you a guide to not be "that person" at a wedding or reception.  The worst thing you can do is to help yourself to one too many drinks from the open bar and become so drunk that you do something stupid, humiliating or inconsiderate.  Beyond that rule, the second biggest pet peeve from couple is using your phone (or tablet) to video or take picture of the ceremony. In most cases, couple have spent top dollar for a professional videographer and photographer to handle the task.  You are there to smile, look good and support the couple in pictures and video handled by others. It has gotten so out of hand that many couples are opting for a strict "unplugged" ceremony, so please respect their wishes.  Don't contact or attempt to see the couple before the ceremony. Unless you've been explicitly invited to hang with the couple while getting ready on their wedding day, they have enough going on. Give them the gift of time and space in those pre-ceremony moments and save your outpouring of joy to congratulate them later in the day. Don't give a speech that makes the couple or their family uncomfortable. Impromptu speeches can be one of the most moving and memorable parts of a wedding day, except when they aren't. Steer clear of exes, inside jokes, and highlighting your pal's awkward moments. It might be all in good fun, but make sure it's fun for your friends and their families too. Don't make any request that includes changing something. After all, it isn't your wedding! Don't bring uninvited guests. Wedding invitations are usually pretty clear in spelling out who is invited, which may be just you. Due to space, costs or set up, asking to bring someone else, or even worse, not asking and brining someone else can ruin the day and add pressure to an already stressful day.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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