Grilling Foods Without Using Aluminum Foil

July 26, 2018

© Flavijus | Dreamstime

We are at the peak of summer grilling season!  All those delicious foods cooked over an open flame or heated with red hot coals.  However there is growing evidence that cooking foods in aluminum foil may be unhealthy as the metal leaches into the foods, especially foods that are high in acid. So here are some ways you can cook foods on the grill without using aluminum foil. Try cooking on top of another food. If you normally marinate that fresh Grouper steak with lemons and cook it on a layer of foil to prevent it from Sticking to the grill, cut lemon slices and put them directly on the grill. Then put the fish on top of the lemon slices to keep them from sticking.  Use the same cookware you use in your oven on the grill.  As long as your grill doesn't exceed the safe temperature for the cookware, you can use it cooking or steaming any foods you'd steam in foil. There is also grilling paper, which is actually thin layers of cedar wood you submerge in water for 15 or so minutes, roll your meat or vegetables inside and put them on your grill for 8 to 10 minutes fora perfectly steamed treat!

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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