Goth Ice Cream

April 21, 2017

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As the nation continues to obsess of Starbucks rainbow Unicorn Frappuccino, we turn to the dark side for Goth ice cream.  Yep, black ice cream or the proper terminology of "charcoal-infused" ice cream was introduced last summer and is on target to be a huge hit this summer as ice cream shops seek out different ways to bring you back to your middle-school days of black lip stick, heavy eyeliner and Doc Marten boots.  Black almond, coconut ash & burnt honey vanilla are just some of the names but the flavor can be just about anything as activated charcoal changes its color to black. Although many people see the health benefits of charcoal foods, masks and cleansers, goth ice cream tastes like regular ice cream but be prepared for your teeth to turn black as well.

--WE ARE NOW OPEN UNTIL 11PM -- Soft-serve for your soul -- thanks for stopping by @little.damage @nathaliek! -- #littledamage

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SOURCE: Whimn & BuzzFeed

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