Google Wi-Fi Router "Pauses" the Internet For Family Time

April 4, 2017

© Mzagajewska | Dreamstime

Technology is everywhere!  The couch, the bed, the dinner table, the tub!  Seems like the only way to disconnect from technology is to disconnect the Internet.  Enter Google's Wi-Fi router, which comes with an Internet pause feature that will shut off the Internet for an allotted time. Also added to the feature is you can designate which devices get paused for an amount of time. So at dinner time, the Google Wi-Fi "pauses" the kid's Internet access while leaving your Wi-Fi connected so you can listen to your playlist.  After a set amount of time, Google Wi-Fi will re-connect at a designated time.  The feature has multiple timers so that you can tailor when to pause the Internet.

SOURCE: The Verge

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