Google To Offer Fashion Advice When Online Shopping

April 18, 2017


Looks like Google is the latest aid to help you stay away from fashion faux pas.  The Internet search engine has launched a new feature called "Style ideas" that will pair up your fashion item with those that complement the item and your style.  The new feature, available in the Google app for Android and mobile web works like this, you search for a pair of shoes. Google returns the search of the shoes along with images of those shoes worn with a dress or workout clothes that compliment them and are also for sale.  If it sounds a lot like that Amazon does, you'd be right.  While Google is the number one search engine for shopping, it isn't where you purchase items.  It's a reality for the giant as more and more online shoppers are bypassing the "Google search" and going directly to Amazon to browse.

SOURCE: Mashable

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