Google Expands Restaurant Wait Times To Maps

November 9, 2017

© Arne9001 - Dreamstime

A nifty new feature is available on Google Maps when you are searching for a place to eat.  Now with traveling instructions on how to get to a restaurant, Google Maps will also include wait times!  The wait times are based on historic information for a location and not real-time data, so there is a chance the estimation may be off. However the data is pretty reliable considering Google keeps track of app users locations and how long they are at locations. The data is already available if you use Google Search.  After finding your restaurant, scroll down to the popular times section. In addition to showing you when the restaurant is most popular, that tool will also offer info about what your wait time *might* be during those times when you tap on individual time bars. So next time you look for somewhere new to eat, opening Google Maps will not only show you places to dine but their historic wait times, which could be the determining factor!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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