Goodyear Lets The Air Out Of It's Last Blimp For Good

March 15, 2017

© Imagecom | Dreamstime

It's the end of an area for Goodyear.  Besides tires, the company is most famously known for its fleet of blimp airships that use helium to float over sporting events.  However the company has let the air out of the last blimp forever. But shed no tears, you'll still see a familiar blue-and-gold air ships floating.  The company has been updating its airship fleet to models that boast a semi-rigid skeleton and skin, which will retain its familiar cigar-shape even if all the air is let out from inside, unlike the blimps they're replacing.  In fact the Florida blimp, or semi-rigid dirigible as they are now known as, has already been swapped out.  Far more important to Goodyear is that the new airships are faster, quieter, larger, easier to fly and more maneuverable than the blimps it introduced more than 90 years ago. Still, the company plans to keep calling the new models blimps because "Semi-rigid Dirigible doesn't roll off the tongue."

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