A Good Year For Kids Thanks To The Tooth Fairy

February 27, 2017

© Shane White Dreamstime

More good news the economy is turning around as Tooth Fairy has the highest ever payout for children's teeth!  According to Delta Dental, who reviewed the Tooth fairy's tax records, found the average price of a tooth left under the pillow was $4.66 in 2016.  That's up $.75 from 2015. For the most part the Tooth Fairy is keeping quite busy and may need some help.  About 56% of parents say the Tooth Fairy forgot to collect the tooth on the first night, but usually made good on the second night. The Tooth fairy paid out almost $291 million last year, which is 13.5% more than in 2015. And where is all that cash going?  48% of kids save the cash while 43% spend it quickly.  3% is donated to charity and 1% is loaned!

SOURCE: Delta Dental

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