Good Money Habits Robbed From The Rich

August 22, 2016


Money. Rich people have it and we don't.  But it isn't the luck of the lottery or inheritance that we can borrow from rich people to make our lives more profitable.  They’re doing little things every day that you may not be doing. For instance, rich people have multiple jobs.  66% of the wealthy in my study started out either poor or in the middle class and one of the strategies they used to build their wealth was creating multiple streams of income. Nearly all of the self-made millionaires began their careers working for someone else, and on the side, they had a second business doing something they liked doing. Get to the gym. According to a recent study reported by Psychology Today, physically active men made 14% to 17% more money than less active men. Finally, watch what you spend your money on.  Rich people generally don't spend money freely and stick to a strict budget of roughly 25% or less on housing, 15% on food, 10% on entertainment, 5% on auto loans (they never lease) and 5% on vacation. 

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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