Good Credit Score Ranks Higher Than Looks and Humor For Daters

August 28, 2017

© Danielfela | Dreamstime

When looking for love we generally seek out someone with a good sense of humor, looks, job and a high credit score.  A recent Tinder survey of 2,000 daters found 2/3 of people say financial stability is more important than humor, looks, ambition, courage and modesty. Apparently a good credit score is a window into that person's soul, highlighting dependability, responsibility and honesty better than any other mark.  The study also find disclosing your financial details, such as the amount of debt, credit score, income and spending habits within the first 6 months of a relationship is key to a successful match.  However nearly 70% of respondents say disclosing their own financial information is uncomfortable.  But making sure your financial goals are compatible is very important. Another study finds that people with better credit are better at maintaining relationships, and that the further apart a couple's credit scores are, the greater their chances of separating.  

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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