Goat Yoga Is A Big Hit

September 7, 2016


There's yoga.  There's hot yoga. There's Goat Yoga! Yes, yoga with Nigerian and Pigmy goats are the latest branch of yoga classes and it's being offered at the No regrets farm in Albany, Oregon.  Farm owner Lainey Morse says she came up with the idea after a suggestion from a yoga instructor, who happened to rent Morse's goats for a birthday party, telling her she thought the farm would be a beautiful place for a yoga class. Although goat yoga first appeared on the Internet about a year ago, Morse's classes aren't goat exclusive.  Chickens and a barn cat roam freely through the human yoga attendees offering an additional layer of calmness.  The first goat yoga class that Morse had was well-attended. Some participants even traveled over 100 miles to take part in the class. More has two more classes scheduled on September 10th and September 24th with the next available class that isn't sold out coming in spring 2017.

SOURCE: Wide Open Pets

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