Glitter Sunscreen Just In Time for Summer

April 12, 2018

© Jason Stitt | Dreamstime

This summer you'll see more people gleaming by the pool as glitter sunscreen makes its way to store shelves. Glitter sunscreen sounds a lot like a unicorn beauty lover’s dream, but is all that glittery goodness actually effective at protecting your skin from sun damage? Yes and no.  It depends on the sunscreen itself. Even though the FDA has not approved it, dermatologist say the added sparkle of glitter should theoretically not cause a change in effectiveness of the sunscreen. However the glitter may irritate sensitive skin so make sure you test it in a small area first before applying obver your body. More important than the sparkle is to make sure your glitter sunscreen offers a broad-spectrum coverage, which means it protects against both types of rays: UVB and UVA. UVB rays burn skin, and UVA rays can cause age-related damage, is water resistant and has a SPF rating of 15 or higher.

SOURCE: Allure

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