Glitter Butts Sparkling Up Summer

May 11, 2018

© Otnaydur | Dreamstime

More glitter news as 2018 is turning out to be the year of glitter.  Last week we shared with you the glitter teeth trend where people are covering their teeth in glitter.  Now glitter is covering bare bottoms that are covered with sparkles, sequins, and jewels. While it will most definitely add some sparkle to your life, the risqué look isn't for the faint of heart or for those interested in sitting down. Music festivals goers started the trend by covering certain parts of their bodies with glitter.  Now companies are flooding their Instagram pages with derriere doused in glitter patterns and shapes with some going "commando."  Just remember if you do decided to glitter any part of your body to be safe and smart, use biodegradable glitter and be patient as it will take some time sticking enough glitter on your body. Here’s hoping you don’t need to sit or sweat, while wearing this trend, though. Good luck!

Feeling #peachy in the Palm Springs sunshine!--☀️ #COACHELLA

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SOURCE: Marie Claire

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