Glitter Beer

March 6, 2018

In a world that saw an explosion of unicorn colored and flavored food items, get ready to jazz up your beer with glitter!  A growing trend of adding food grade glitter into foods has not been lost on beer.  Many small craft breweries are adding glitter to the brewing process with wild creations that glisten and gleam as you drink your pint. Brewmasters have given away some secrets to their mixture as the glitter is only added to beer after its brewed and will quickly loose its structure while mixed with the beer.  So most likely you'll find glitter beer at your favorite tasting rooms and not on store shelves.  However it is bringing more women into a traditionally male dominated industry.

No, we weren't kidding. Our tasty new saison has edible glitter in it! And for a limited time, come by the taproom to grab one of our ne stickers with our Lisa Frank-inspired logo for our Lisa Frank-inspired art project (I mean, beer) ------✨ @stickergiant

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“Welcome back to Oz, Bi@#%es”. @thebarreledbee @shebrewpdx #glitterbeer ----

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