Give A Pet Adoption Gift Card On Christmas Day Instead Of A Pet

December 19, 2017

© Monika Wisniewska | Dreamstime

We love pets!  Roughly 70% of Americans own at least one dog or cat and at this gift-giving time of the year, you may see a perfect opportunity to put a big red bow on the collar of a shelter dog or cat (good luck with the bow on a cat). As good of intentions are you may have, shelters say adoptions do pick up in December but sadly drop-offs of those pets pick up in January after kids decide owning a pet is a lot of responsibility.  But you can take a cue from one humane society.  Offer a pet gift card instead.  The gift card covers the adoption fees covers the adoption fee of an animal at a local shelter or rescue group. You can even add on some funds for toys, food, leash and more.  However the gift card can only be redeemed in a month.  With more time, you and your child can research the behavior, habits, energy, compatibility with other animals, and enrichment needs of different pets and breeds to figure out which one best suits your family. Plus there is time to pet-proof and with the holidays done in January, you'll have more time to devote to your newest family member.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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