Gin-FilledChristmas Tree Ornaments Are Here

November 15, 2016

© Czuber | Dreamstime

What are the holidays without friends, family, food and booze?  Well for those families that celebrate with booze, a Scottish gin company is betting you'll love their new gin-filled Christmas tree ornaments.  Just like it sounds, colorful sphere baubles filled with Pickering’s Gin could dot your Christmas tree!  For around $40, you get a set of six plastic baubles and they're a hit.  The company has sold out online and now has to release them in stages to stay in stock as just over 30,000 have been made with more slated for production. If you'd like a set, the company recommends joining their "gin friends" mailing list so that you will receive an email when the next batch of baubles becomes available for pre-order, expected to be announced in early December.

SOURCE: Mashable

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