Gillette Drops Price Of All Razor Blades As Market Share is Lost To Cheaper Competitors

April 5, 2017

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Probably the most expensive hygiene product you buy are razor blades, with 5 packs of Gillette razor blades costing nearly $2 a blade.  However the Procter & Gamble company has felt the edge of declining sales and has begun an across the board price drop of all Gillette razor blade products.  Look for discounts of up to 20%, with an average of a 12% drop across the whole brand.  Gillette has seen their market share drop from around 70% in 2010 to about 54% in 2016.  Thanks to low cost alternatives such as the Dollar Shave Club, Harry's and longtime competitor, Schick, customer are flexing their muscle by opting for lower cost blades.  Speaking of low-cost options, the company also said it would move focus to its cheaper products instead of its latest.

SOURCE: Fortune

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