Getting An Extra 30 Days of Free Trail For Online TV Viewing

November 27, 2017


Perhaps all the talk about Stranger Things or The handmaid's tale has prompted you to try out one of the online video on demand streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. But it's the time of the year where your dollar needs to stretch farther than ever, so where are legitimate ways to extend the free trails!  For Amazon's video on demand service, it comes free with an Amazon Prime membership of $99 a year.  You get the first 30 days for free but by simply navigating to your account and cancel your subscription. As soon as you do it, the site will automatically trigger an alert that offers you another 30 days of Amazon Prime for free. Be sure to accept the trial extension offer and enjoy 30 extra days of Prime at NO charge. For Netflix and Hulu it is as simple as asking for an extension.  While on a live chat, just as the question if you can get an extension for another 30 days.  Chances are your request will be honored.  But realize this is a one-time offer and doesn't always work.  You have to play your cards right and let them know you didn't get a chance to experience what it all had to offer.

SOURCE: Rather Be Shopping

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