Get Paid To Lay In Bed For Two Months

April 10, 2017

© Tracy King | Dreamstime

Got a lazy, unemployed brother in law laying on your couch?  Pass along this note.   Scientists from the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology need male volunteers to spend two months in bed so they can study the effects of microgravity.  The best part, all that laying around comes with a paycheck of around $17,000!   Tests will be run on the volunteers for the first 15 days but after that, you will spend 60 days in bed, positioned on your back, their upper bodies positioned in a slight downward incline to simulate weightlessness.  Volunteers can’t get up to eat, bathe, or even go to the bathroom, as they’re required to keep at least one shoulder touching the bed or its frame at all times. Volunteers must be non-smoking males, between the ages of 20 and 45, who are healthy and in good physical shape. Although weightlessness affects men and women differently, this study is for men only. Want to apply?  CLICK HERE (Frech study-use translator to read web site).

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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