Get Out Of Your Rut And Beat Boredom!

June 20, 2018

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Bet you are in a rut.  You wake up and do the same thing every day, eat the same stuff week after week and perhaps have the same conversations over and over.  Don't feel bad!  That's human nature to get into a routine but a routine can often lead to boredom and nobody wants that!  So when things get dull, the best way to beat boredom is to play off your everyday routine. Medical experts say beating boredom requires two things: spontaneous experiences and switching up your regular schedule in intervals. So you don’t necessarily have to go out of your comfort zone to spice up your life, you just have to look at how you do things on a regular basis and approach them with new perspective. Experience Your Food In Different Ways. A group of 68 participants were divided in half, and 34 people were told to eat popcorn with their hands, while the other 34 were given chopsticks to pick up each and every kernel. The results showed that those who used chopsticks not only enjoyed the experience more, but they said their popcorn tasted better just by changing up their eating utensils. Other ways to break the boredom is to drive to/from work a different way. If you're always driving to and from work on a highway, take the backroads for a change. If you are a reader, enjoy your favorite genre but explore different authors (and stick with it). Get a new look with your same clothes.  Always wear the same outfit on certain days? Switch things up with a little help from Pinterest or Instagram.  Take inspiration from how other people are wearing your signature staples. Pretty soon, your closet will feel like a goldmine, and in six months or so, when your favorites feel tired again, go back to the drawing board!

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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