The Germiest Plastic Water Bottle Is One You May Be Using Now

August 11, 2016

Using refillable water bottles?  Good for you.  Reusing plastic water bottles saves wasteful one-time use bottles.  Not washing out your refillable water bottle? Eww!  Come to find out all the water bottles we’re casually refilling are covered in germs. In fact, it is suggest that drinking water from a bottle that’s already been used is as bad for you as licking your dog's play toy. Research posted in Treadmill Reviews dot com reviewed four types of refillable water bottles, squeeze-top, straw-top, slide-top and screw-top from 4 athletes who had not washed their bottle for 7 days.  What they found is the dirtiest water bottle is the slide-top with over 900,000 colony-forming units per centimeter. Squeeze top bottles cane in 2nd place for germs with almost 162,000 colony-forming units, screw-top #3 with 159,000 colony-forming units and by far the most cleanest of the four, the straw-top with a mere 25 colony-forming units. In other words, you are safer licking your toilet than drinking from these bottle if you skip past a cleaning or two. In the germ department, squeeze-top bottles had the highest counts of bad bacteria, such as E.coli and Salmonella that often cause serious health problems. Screw-tops also were high and just a touch behind squeeze-tops, while straw-tops had the most harmless bacteria. So if you opt for a reusable water bottle, choose a straw-top bottle, which had the lowest prevalence of bacteria and the fewest of harmful germs in the test.  The testers also suggest a stainless-steel bottle is a better choice over plastic and when selecting your bottle, make sure it has the least number of cervices and tough-to-clean areas. Don't let your half full bottle sit in your gym bag. Instead, be sure to run it through the dishwasher or hand wash it thoroughly after every use.

SOURCE: Treadmill Review

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