German Shepherd Gets Approved For Unemployment

February 5, 2018

© Monika Wisniewska | Dreamstime

 It's a dream come true for any pet owner that they’re best friend financially contributes to the family!  While you start your day at work, one Michigan dog was approved for unemployment benefits. Michael Haddock says that he received a letter from the unemployment office addressed to Michael Ryder, that he'd receive $360 a week in unemployment benefits. Although the letter was sent to Michael's address, there is no "Michael Ryder" living there.  However his German Shepherd is named Ryder does reside in the home.  Apparently Ryder had been moonlighting at a restaurant chain in Detroit for some time. However the mix-up was quickly caught by the state, so Ryder will not be getting a check and although you could simply laugh off the mistake, the state says it is an example of fraud. The state says it is launching a special investigative unit to handle the recent increase in false claims and they wanted to make it very clear that Ryder the dog did not receive any payment for unemployment.

SOURCE: UPI & Detroit Free Press

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