The Genius Way To Always Give The Perfect Gift To Someone Every Time!

August 3, 2017


There is always someone that is a hard person to shop for when it's their birthday or during the holidays. But a man named Jordan appears to be the present-whisperer in always being able to pick the perfect gift for his wife, TyAnna, who admits she is quite picky. So what is his secret?  When Jordan first started dating TyAnna, he created a secret Pinterest account and followed her online.  Jordan says by reviewing the pictures she pins, he is able to select just the right gift at just the right time.  He admits he never heard of Pinterest before a friend suggested he reference it when looking for a Valentine’s Day gift in the early stages of their relationship.  Today his Pinterest account is grown to cover all of his wife's Pinterest sources yet he has never pinned an item himself.  Many hail Jordan as a genius and has unveiled his secret to help others. Thanks for the advice, Jordan!

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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