Genetically Modified Apples Now For Sale

January 23, 2017

© William Berry Dreamstime

Are you ready for apples that never brown once cut?  Genetically modified apples will be hitting store shelves in the next few months.  The first company, called Okanagan, is selling pre-sliced Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Fuji apples under the umbrella name, Arctic. The pre-sliced apples in clear bags are modified so that the enzymes that cause browning are essentially switched off.  The company says they don't taste any different than non-modified varieties.  However don't look for big signs about how these apples are different. The only way customers will know that is if they scan the product code or if the yet-unnamed stores choose to publicize the GMO angle.  It will take some time for the apples to reach Florida as the quantities are small for now and will most likely impact the Pacific Northwest and mid-west markets first.

SOURCE: Capital Press

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