Gap Employee Refunds Shirt Purchased In 2000

January 5, 2017

© Monkey Business Images Dreamstime

We're still in the window of the Christmas return.  Those gifts that we didn't want, have too many of or just doesn't fit are finding their way back to the store in which they came from.  However a manager of a GAP store is not happy that one of their employees accepted a return from a purchase made in 2000.  The red collared shirt with attached vest did have its original tag on it and we can assume either cash or a store credit was issued for the $24.95 paid price.  In an online post on Reddit, the manager is using the return to remind their staff of the 45 day return window, not one that was made 17 years ago. Somehow a glitch in the computer allowed the return to be processed.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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