Gamer Create Spreadsheet With Best Black Friday Game & Movie Deals

November 16, 2017

© Suprijono Suharjoto | Dreamstime

Let’s face it, not every Black Friday deal is a good one but the general consensus is TVs and anything relating to video games are generally the best values. However there are dozens of stores that sell these and it can lead to an overload of info that can backfire. Fortunately there is a video gamer that goes by the name, StryderOmega, who has created an excel spreadsheet that makes looking for the best deals on gaming system, games, accessories, DVDs, Blu Ray and 4K Blu Ray discs in a breeze (and you can download it).  For instance, if you're looking for a Nintendo Switch gaming system, they're all marked at $199 but Kohls gives you $60 in Kohls cash so the better deal is there. While the Disney Movie, Beauty and the Beast BluRay sells for $16.99 at Best Buy, Walmart will be selling it for $9.96.  The best part is StryderOmega is constantly updating it with new data leading up to November 23rd.  Thank you StryderOmega, wherever you are! [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SPREADSHEET]

SOURCE: Mashable

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