Game Of Thrones-Inspired Pet Names On The Rise

August 25, 2017


It appears our love affair with Game of Thrones is alive and well, with Snow (Jon Snow) and Arya (Arya Stark) the top names for dogs in 2017, according to a survey. In fact, 62% of pets don Game of Thrones-inspired names. Musical names are also tops with Katy, Taylor, Chance, Harry, Bruno and Miley ranking high. But it's not all trendy in pet names, traditional ones like Bella, Charlie and Bear are popular too. Food names are hanging in there too with Taffy, Twix and Milano are on the rise, while their healthier counterparts of Quinoa and Kale are on the decline.  That same trend is true for coffee-themed names of Kona, Espresso, Mocha are down, Brandy, Guinness and Whiskey are on the way up.

SOURCE: People

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