Gainesville's "Hot Cop" Cast For Survivor TV Show

March 26, 2018


Get ready to see more of Gainesville's hot cop. Gainesville Police Officer Daniel Rengering has taken a leave of absence to appear on the next season of "Survivor," which is about to start production.  Just before hurricane Irma moved into the Heart of Florida last September, Officer Rengering along with Officer John Nordman former Officer Michael Hamill posted a selfie that went quickly viral as many were clamoring for the hot cops to arrest them and sparking other law enforcement agencies to feature their own hot cops!  Although Michael Hamill resigned after his anti-Semitic Facebook posts were shortly uncovered after the post, Officer Rengering was approached by the producers of reality TV series to appear in season 37, to which he is reportedly being paid at $10,000 and could win the $1 million prize if he wins.  Look for our Hot Cop this fall on CBS-TV as Survivor heads to the Fiji Islands. Good luck Officer Rengering!


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