Fun Ways To Dye Easter Eggs Without A Store-Bought Kit

March 29, 2018

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Easter hops into our lives Sunday and with Easter come the colored Easter eggs the Easter Bunny has so carefully hidden.  While finding them is a fun activity for the family, dying the eggs is just as fun.  Not everyone is a egg dying master with patterns and designs but you don't have to be with these simple tricks. Try Silk Dyeing.  Scraps of silk fabric with pretty patterns, old silk scarves and old silk ties can be used to create beautiful patterns on eggs with little effort. Cut out 7 inch squares of silk and cotton, wrap the scraps tightly around a raw egg and secure it with a rubber band. Then wrap the silk-wrapped egg with a piece of cotton and secure with a rubber band.  Place in a pot, fill with water, add two tablespoons of vinegar and boil for 25 minutes.  The silk pattern will transfer to the eggs giving you a uniquely beautiful egg. Add some texture to your hard-boiled eggs using rice and food coloring.  Start with a cup of uncooked rice in a plastic bowl with a lid.  Add a few drops of food coloring and stir until the rice is a fairly uniformed color. Place the cooked egg in the rice and place the lid on top of the bowl.  Gently shake for a textured pattern that looks great. Finally the shaving cream dyeing method. Start with hard-boiled eggs that have cooled. The spray a cookie sheet with foaming shaving cream to about half in inch deep. Add food coloring drops over the entire shaving cream (use more than one color). Use a knife or straw to swirl through the color drops. Put the eggs into the colored shaving cream and use a spatula to cover them completely. Wait 20-30 minutes and use a spoon to remove them and gently pat dry off the shaving cream for some truly colorful Easter eggs!


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