Fugitive Chased By Police Stops To Fill Out A Job Application

September 21, 2017


The key in leaving a life of crime is to get a legitimate job.  Perhaps that was the thinking of 26-year old Jose Jimenez of Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Last Thursday he was stopped by the Massachusetts State Police. However Jose was driving with a revoked driver license, which is an arrestable offense.  So as the police officer approached his car, he pressed on the gas to escape and as he was peeling away, his car's tires rolled over the foot of the officer.  Intentional or not, it was enough of a distraction for Jose to slip past the police, that was until Tuesday of this week.  That is when police spotted Jose driving his car and a chase ensued. The car chase ended with Jose jumping out of it at an elementary school and fleeing on foot.  He found sanctuary inside a cell phone store and as cool as a cucumber, calmly asked if they had any open positions and started filling out an application. Witness pointed police towards the cellular store where they arrested Jose filling out the job application.


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