Frozen Treats For Cats

July 24, 2018

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Who doesn't love a treat? Since it is summer it is likely you crave a cool treat and while three are several types of cool treats for dogs, they are hard to find for cats. So we've found some cat-friendly summertime treats they'll love, even for the most picky eaters. Create food-sicles by taking your cat's wet food and mix in a few pieces of dry kibble. Shape the mixture in small mounds on a cookie sheet and freeze. Take a cue from zookeepers and make ice cube surprises by taking an ice cube tray, placing tiny pieces of tuna or kibble inside and fill with water to freeze. You may want to drizzle in a little tuna water or gravy. As with dogs, most human treats are bad for cats.  While we might think a cool dish of milk or a spoon of ice cream would be refreshing, most cats don't have enough lactase enzymes in their bodies to break down lactose in dairy products, which can lead to digestive issues, vomiting and diarrhea. However there are special milk-like drinks, like Cat-Sip and CatSure, which can be used to make kitty ice cream. Pour the milk into a plastic sandwich bag, then add half a can of wet cat food. Seal that bag tightly and add a second bag. Then put it in a gallon bag with lots of ice and some kosher or rock salt. Roll around the bag for about 15 minutes. The result is some delicious (for your cat) homemade kitty ice cream. 

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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