Frozen Pancake, Waffle & French Toast Recall

May 9, 2017

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Something you don't want to her about first things in the morning, especially if the day starts with an Aunt Jemima or Hungry Man frozen pancakes, waffles or French Toast.  A voluntary recall of 19 varieties of the frozen breakfast foods has been issued due to the risk of Listeria, which was found at one of the plants that makes the food. Listeria bacteria can cause fever, muscle aches and diarrhea and is especially dangerous for pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems.  The bacteria can survive the freezing process and although no one has reported sickness, the bacteria can take up to 70 days before suffers show symptoms.  You can return the recalled items to the point of purchase for a full refund or call the maker of these foods, Pinnacle Foods at 1-888-299-7646.  The recall does not include any Aunt Jemima dry mixes and syrups or any other Aunt Jemima branded or Hungry Man branded products or any other products produced by Pinnacle Food. All of the following products have been recalled regardless of the "Best Buy" date stamp:

19 RETAIL PRODUCTS                                                          PACKAGE UPC

AUNT JEMIMA LIL GRIDDLERS BLUEBERRY 14.5oz          019600054603
AUNT JEMIMA MINI PANCAKES 14.5oz                                019600054801
AUNT JEMIMA FRENCH TOAST 12.5oz                                019600057703
AUNT JEMIMA CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST 12.5oz            019600058908
AUNT JEMIMA HOMESTYLE WAFFLE 17.18oz                     019600062004
AUNT JEMIMA BUTTERMILK WAFFLE 17.18oz                     019600062103
AUNT JEMIMA BLUEBERRY WAFFLE 17.18oz                      019600062202
AUNT JEMIMA LOW FAT WAFFLE 17.18oz                            019600062301
AUNT JEMIMA BLUEBERRY PANCAKE 14.8oz                     019600064701
AUNT JEMIMA OATMEAL PANCAKE 14.8oz                          019600064909
AUNT JEMIMA WHOLE GRAIN PANCAKE 14.5oz                 019600066408
AUNT JEMIMA BUTTERMILK PANCAKE 14.8oz                    019600068204
AUNT JEMIMA HOMESTYLE PANCAKE 14.8oz                    019600069102
AUNT JEMIMA 60CT CLUB PANCAKES PREMIUM              019600435907
AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE MEXICO 60CT                              019600435921
AUNT JEMIMA FRENCH TOAST & SAUSAGE 5.5oz            051000063915
HUNGRY MAN SELECTS CHICKEN & WAFFLES 8/16oz     658276202903


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