Fridge Cam Alerts You When Food Items Expire And Turns Bad

August 22, 2017

© Helder Almeida | Dreamstime

Many time our refrigerators get so full of stuff that you don't know what lies behind the milk jug and plastic bowl of last night's dinner.  The government estimates the average family could save about $1500 a year if they just ate all the food we bought.  The problem appears to be that we don't know what is in the fridge and when it goes from yummy to yucky. While many new refrigerators offer technology to alert you of food spoilage, a British company named Smarter, offers a smart fridge conversion kit for just $127!  Their Fridge Cam fits into any refrigerator and connects to your smart phone. Once installed, you can see inside your fridge from your phone and from anywhere in the world!  The app is able to track expiration dates of food items and will alert you when the end is near. Even better is it will alert you when you are near your favorite grocery store! And its brilliance doesn't end there.  Once you are in the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk (because yours in the fridge has expired), it will offer recipes based on the item that might inspire you to place something new on the dinner table. For now, the Fridge Cam's interworking remain a mystery, especially no how it know things are expiring but you can pre-order the device with delivery expected before the end of the year.

SOURCE: Inhabitat

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