French Yogurts Aims To Replace Slumping Greek Yogurt Sales

June 27, 2017

© Lepas | Dreamstime

Greek yogurt is so 2016.  As sales of Greek yogurt continue to slide, by nearly 5% last year, General Mills saw a 20% decline in Greek yogurt sales in just one quarter last year. So the company is looking for the next big thing, which they believe is French yogurt.  More accurately, French-style yogurt called Oui, which is a recipe the company uses in France, which is now being sold in the United States.  If you've never heard of French yogurt, you'd be correct.  There is no such thing as a French-style yogurt that taste different that regular yogurt.  The French recipe only contain whole milk and yogurt cultures sets a bit firmer. General Mills says it is uniquely French in that it's produced the way French farmhouses made yogurt 150 years ago. Each serving is individually cultured in the glass pot it's sold in, rather than made in large vats and then poured into cups. All that attention means it cost about twice as much as regular Yoplait.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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