Free Range and Organic Egg Yolks Contain More Vitamin D

December 5, 2016

© Atman | Dreamstime

Perhaps another good reason to shop for free-range chicken eggs as a new study has found that hens that are allowed to wander outdoors lay eggs that contain up to 30% more vitamin D in their yolks than eggs from chickens that are kept inside. The vital hormone is either synthesized by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or consumed in the diet, in which only a handful of foods contain it, such as egg yolks, oily fish and liver.  In addition, eggs from organic farms, which offer the most freedom for chickens, were found to contain elevated levels of an enzyme called 25-hydroxy D3, which is especially protective of human health. The research team found that a barn egg typically contains 1.7 micrograms of vitamin D while a free range one delivers 2mcg and there’s 2.2mcg in an organic one.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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